CLEAN WATERS to the sea is a diverse group of people from many walks of life who live within the Tokarau - Doubtless Bay catchment and have a love of water and the outstanding environment that this area has to offer.

Our aim is to stop pollution in its tracks and reverse the impact it has had on our waterways to date. How? We are working hard at engaging local people, local businesses, our local authorities, landowners and land users within our catchment area.

Does your property fall within the Tokarau - Doubtless Bay catchment area? You can check on our catchment map.

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He rangai maomao
Ka taka ki tua o Nukutaurua
E kore a muri e hokia
When a shoal of maomao
Swim past the point of Fairway Reef
They will never return

"Once a group of like thinking individuals have decided on the path they should take,
there is nothing that will prevent them from achieving what they have set out to achieve."

The proverb and explanation were kindly provided by Arthur (Tiger) Tukariri of Kenana Marae.